Services/Cost Sheet

Alternative Choices Education -                                                         Date _____________________                                                          
School District Data Registration Sheet 2017

Please fill in the following information:

Name of School District ______________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________

Phone______________________________ E – Mail___________________________________


Primary Contact Persons ______________________________________________________________


Scheduled Appointment Dates:  From ______________To_______________

Airport __________________________________

Car Service _______________________________

General information, product description – Free to public school districts –, 845-866-1227 John Law

Demographic research on local school district and community ---- Included in Service Fee

Prescription – Recommend Program Designed for local School District and Community; Process includes meeting with Educational Committee comprised of district and community members.  The development of the prescription is a process of identification of needs, for students, community, and district. This evaluation period is part of the research for demographical data, that includes an in house visit to the targeted district for evaluation purposes.  The visit should be a low impact observational function, to witness general overall educational, social, and pragmatic dynamics of school culture.  This can be accomplished by visiting lunch rooms, bus drop off areas, school entrance areas, hall ways, libraries, and study halls, with no observations in particular classrooms.  Student committees are also recommended to have input in this process.

Service Fee – 2 days observations and meetings – includes prescription write up with program design, student and faculty logistics. Facilities requirements will also be recommended including technology systems. Cost to district is dependent on travel variables

Follow up Service Fee’s – Teleconferencing , e-mailing  -no charge  –  2nd visit - @ cost, dependent on distance, travel, time.